My experience with GERD desease

The Long wait is over.. 2015 when I was diagnosed with Gerd.. I thought it was a never ending battle that I was put in Gerd medications that lasted for 2 years… I was given 9 Different Doctors and I spent hundreds of thousands on treatment.It will only benefit me from healthy living.When you reach the point where you are no longer improving and your symptoms are getting worse, the only options left is to remove all the symptoms of Gerd.

All the triggers of pain.I was diagnosed with:hiatal hernia, esopaghitis grade a, acute gastritis, bile reflux and hpylori. How to be confirmed? Via endoscopy because all my blood test and ultrasound are clear including thyroid test and 2 D echo and clear xray.I took medicine, there is no end of treatment, but even when I am taking treatment, I am getting worse and worse, the symptoms are getting more and more until it was not enough, I crawled because of too much fatigue.. lost hope to heal.. depressed, scared.. That’s the time when I became closer to God because he is the only one and the diet is what remains I hope to be healed. I did a morning devotion… yes every 3 am it’s a long time, I cried to him all that I couldn’t show to my family… because I don’t want to be affected.. until one day I was suddenly inspired by the story of the brain Tumor healed by drinking malunggay… yes, I read a story that healed there.. there is no product but the mother of the young man who had brain tumor so they just held on to the plants that are growing around.

Honestly, I was relieved that I can also be healed because the case of that young man is harder.I studied my case.. they say only 20 % of the Doctor can do to us that 80 % will come from the patient..In my journey of recovery, I received that we really need to give up so that recovery will go straight. All the foods that trigger me to wipe out my food list.. even negative emotions, I concentrated on the diagnoses of me. I did triple therapy treatment in hpylori which is really weak.

Then after that all natural treatment for this to be sure they are stale. (They caused cancer in the stomach according to studies) I took colloidal silver, mastic oil, honey with garlic and turmeric, then after that I did probiotics (mkg, wkg, kvass, tepache, matsoni, fermented vegetables, kombucha, jun tea) to the members of 2017 I gave them and recipes of them). I took that in rotation 1 kind every week.. then I treated gastritis with guava and guava. Take care of tea every day..After 3 months there is an effect.

Some of my feelings are gone. The air that is swelling in the stomach, the one that blocks the throat (globe sensation) the bitterness and sour taste, burping and farting and pain in the stomach.I’m having bitter gourd or serpentina tea because those are bitter herbs, it’s good to wake up with hcl (hydrochloric acid in the gallbladder) and it can restore my appetite.. I did it every day until 2018 I gained weight , gradually my appetite for food came back.My battle in gerd is until 2019 because the longest time I lost my dizziness, pain in ears like clogged ears, in the neck, blurred eyes and pain in the body.

The cure for that is Doc Liacco’s hydration protocol and the last Cayenne protocol.My agony in pain lasted 4 years but when I recovered I felt like a new person.. just like a bad dream. recovery is taking a long time, I thought there was no end but when I was slowly becoming okay, I knew that I am already hailing.This mango.. I’ve eaten it.. before I can’t eat it I just want to show the group that it’s not for life as long as we cure the problem inside. My recovery is totally 100I’m not just abusing my stomach I can eat everything I want now but I’m used to maintaining the variety of food healing foods more (food with many benefits) vegetables, vegetables, fruits, fish.. meat around 2 x Just a week. I still do probiotics sometimes and I have carminative tea (ginger) after meals.

So to the newcomer in the group before complaining try to live healthy first gerd gets better when you help yourself to recover.

Credit :Melai Mangalinao